Monday, July 10, 2006

I love NY: A new way to be offended

In college, I spent a year as the cartoonist for my university newspaper, drawing a strip called "Rugged Rabbit" about a wisecracking rabbit and his sociopathic dinosaur friend.

I've been in law school for three years, and I haven't done much drawing, but I came up with a new character about a year ago, a very large cowboy, who I initially called Clint, but who later, somehow became Mitch Crawford, named after George Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas.

The idea was that Mitch traveled around like a sort of alcoholic Lone Ranger, with an evil talking horse and a very patient Native American guide who got him out of his drunken scrapes and made sarcastic asides to the reader at the expense of the other characters. But I gave up when I realized that it would never be as funny as "Drip-along Daffy."

Anyway, a brainstorm brought Mitch a new context. A mad scientist brings the cowboy, a pirate and a ninja through time, but he can't send them back. So they get an apartment together. Hilarity, ostensibly, will ensue.

I sort of thought that the time-travelling ninja might become a bodyguard embroiled in a celebrity marital meltdown, like the Britney/Kevin thing with the man-nanny. I spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to draw a character I've currently dubbed Kevin Freeloader, or perhaps Kevin Babydaddy. I'm trying to figure out how to give a character both a receding jawline and a protruding Adam's apple. I may scan a drawing of him tomorrow. I think he's funny.

Today, some sketches I did of the protagonists when I should have been cramming for the bar.


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